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  • All orders will be dispatched within 2 working days of confirmed payment, unless specified otherwise on the product page. We will contact you in case of any delays.

  • It takes 2-7 working days for the product to be delivered to you depending on your location & mode of transport (Air or Surface). We will make sure that the fastest mode is chosen for you, however please keep in mind that, once the products are handed over to the courier company, we have no control over them. So please order well in advance.

  • Check your courier package for any tampering or damage before you sign the POD receipt. In case there is a problem please do not sign POD and let us know along with the Name/Phone# of the person delivering the package. POD once signed, the courier company does not entertain any complaints/claims.

  • Once a package is shipped we cannot refund the shipping cost. If you return your product, you are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us as well as the original shipping fee.

  • Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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