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Iridium Spark Plugs- Advantages over Conventional Spark Plugs.

Iridium spark plugs offer several advantages over conventional spark plugs:

1. *Durability*: Iridium is a very hard metal, which makes the electrode of the spark plug highly resistant to wear and corrosion. This results in a longer lifespan compared to traditional spark plugs.

2. *Improved Ignition*: Iridium plugs have a smaller and more efficient electrode design, leading to a stronger and more consistent spark. This improves ignition and combustion efficiency, which can contribute to better fuel economy and engine performance.

3. *High Melting Point*: Iridium has a significantly higher melting point than other metals used in spark plugs. This allows the electrode to remain stable at high temperatures, making iridium plugs suitable for high-performance and turbocharged engines.

4. *Reduced Voltage Requirement*: The smaller center electrode requires less voltage to generate a spark. This can lead to reduced stress on the ignition system and longer life for other components.

5. *Precise Ignition*: The fine tip of the iridium electrode produces a concentrated spark, ensuring more precise ignition of the air-fuel mixture. This can lead to smoother engine operation and reduced emissions.

6. *Cold Start Performance*: Iridium plugs can provide better performance during cold starts due to their efficient spark generation, helping the engine start more reliably in challenging conditions.

7. *Compatibility*: Iridium plugs are often designed to be direct replacements for conventional plugs, making them easy to install without the need for modifications.

8. *Extended Maintenance Intervals*: Due to their durability, iridium plugs often have longer replacement intervals compared to traditional plugs, reducing maintenance frequency.

9. *Emission Reduction*: The improved combustion efficiency offered by iridium plugs can lead to reduced emissions of harmful pollutants.

10. *Consistent Performance*: Iridium plugs maintain their performance over time, providing a more stable and reliable spark throughout their lifespan.

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