Difference between X-Ring & O-Ring Motorcycle Chains. Which is better? X-Ring vs O-Ring Chains.

Updated: 4 days ago

We have been asked on several occasions about the difference Between X-Ring & O-Ring Motorcycle Chains and X-Ring vs. O-Ring Chains. We have put together some pointers to make the difference clear so that you can take a better buying decision.

  • An X-Ring's four contact points compared to the O-Ring's three, which greatly increases lubricant sealing performance.

  • X-Rings retain the lubricant grease for longer duration which results in longer chain life.

  • An X-ring also distorts less than a standard O-ring, and the gap between the sealing surfaces does a better job of retaining grease.

  • X-Ring chains are a bit more expensive than their O-Ring counterparts but are also value-for-money as they last longer.

- Ride Safe- Team Sniper Automotive

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