Himalayan- Rolon Gold Chain Sprocket Kit

Himalayan- Rolon Gold Chain Sprocket Kit

Himalayan- Rolon Gold Chain Sprocket Kit


* Kit Contents: Front Sprocket- 15T, Rear Sprocket- 38T, Gold O-Ring Chain- 110 Links.

* Solid Bushings Ensure Perfect, Straight & Excellent ID Bore Finish for Even Contact & Reduced Wear.

* Rolon O-Ring chains are excellent in performance and durability as the grease is sealed between the pins  and bushes by O-Rings.

* Reduced Chain Wear and Longer Lasting than Standard Chains.



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  • Chain Sprocket Care

    1. Lubricate with Rolon Chain Lube every 500 kms for longer life and better performance

    2. Spray Rolon Chain Cleaner generously on the chain and pressure wash the chain thoroughly to get rid of all dirt deposits.

    3. Avoid use of steam, thinner and solvents such as petrol, kerosene,etc. 

    4. After lubrication, adjust chain slack as per the motorcycle manufacturer's manual. 

    5. Check and replace wheel bearings and cushion rubbers if they are worn out. 

    6. Ensure front and rear wheel alignment is perfect for long life of chain and sprockets.